Use of Technology in Data Management and Validation

data validation

In old Techniques for data storage there is no data validation. Because in manual data storage there are chances of errors. You need a proper room for data storage registers etc also there should be almost equal  space for back up of that data. In order to enter that data one thing should keep in mind that “slowly but surely”.  It means that longer the time for data entry the more accurate results will occur.

However how long you take time  for manually checking for data, how many different departments you involve, the data storage will time consuming,  less efficient and also chances of errors.  In that technique we have chances of data loss like record burn or the risk of being stolen.  With the passage of time there is a chance of data fade or paper burst.

We can also store data digitally. The main Purpose for digitally data storage is to avoid data loss, incomplete data and corrupt data. In digitally data storage we can store a huge data along with it’s back up in a single device like USB. Digitally data storage provide us errorless data, saves our time and gives us accuracy.

We can also store our digital data on cloud. Which we can access anywhere like in Train, Aeroplane or any other place.

APART-DATA is the best software for data validation for data stored digitally anywhere.  APART-DATA can help you to enhance you marketing and will boost your Return on Investment because it has a library of checks. This software is user friendly. APART-DATA generates report thoroughly and has built in scripting language which is full featured. This Software saves time because it stops replication of task. By this software you can print accurate final report because it has checks which indicate the errors.

Is it possible to recover deleted data from a MAC

free mac data recovery software

If you have important data on your MAC then you should regularly keep the backup of your data onto a secure place. Like you can get the backup of your important data on an external hard drive, cloud storage or if you have office files, you can save those files in an email address as well. If you have a backup then there will be no issue upon an unexpected data loss but if you don’t have the backup, you or your bosses could be mad upon any data loss due to any reason.

But even in the worst case, if you have lost your data and you don’t have the backup as well then you shouldn’t panic on that situation as well because you can still recover your data. Though it will take some time to get your data back but it is possible. Many people believe that only a computer expert or a hard drive repairer can recover the deleted data and they don’t take a risk to handover the storage disk to any other person because they have confidential data on the storage device. It is true that there might be some personal data of yourself and might be sensitive details of your customers which you don’t want to be leaked to any other person.

In this case, you don’t need to hire any data recovery expert, you can recover your lost data easily without taking the risk of your data being leaked. In our previous article, we have described how to recover deleted photos from Android device and in this article, we will provide you a solution to get your data back on your MAC drive.

Free Mac Data Recovery Software

DoYourData is a company who provides free Mac data recovery software which you can use professionally to recover your deleted files from your MAC device. This software will recover deleted files from your storage device efficiently and there will be no risk of leaking your data into wrong hands.

The manufacturer of the data recovery software will have no access to your files as this software will work offline and there is no internet connectivity required.

This free Mac data recovery software supports various devices from where you can restore your deleted data for example;

  • Mac Notebook/Desktop
  • Local/External Hard Drive
  • Card Storage
  • USB Drive
  • Digital Camera
  • Other Storage Media

This free data recovery software also supports different types of file formats for example:

  • Photos/Images
  • Videos/Audio
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Others, like Archives, DMG

With this free mac data recovery software, you can recover your files if you have accidentally deleted those files or if your system has been crashed due to any reason. If you have lost your data during an OS upgrade process, or if you lost your data due to a condition where you must have to format your storage drive. You can even recover your data from devices which have lost the data due to virus or malware attack. If you have a storage drive which is not accessible, you can still recover the data from that inaccessible storage device.

free mac data recovery software

You can download the software from the above link and then it is as easy to recover your deleted files as 1, 2, 3. Just launch the application, select the file type which you want to search for, select the storage device from where you want to recover your data and then from scanned files, select the files which you want to undelete or recover. This mac data recovery software will recover your files and get your data back free of cost.

So, now no need to take a risk for your confidential data and you don’t need to pay anything to a computer expert to get the data recovery services. Just install this free data recovery software on your MAC and recover your deleted files easily.

Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures From Android No Root – Free

recover deleted photos android

Do you have accidentally deleted your photos album from your Android mobile and now you wanted to get your pictures back? Or your kids have deleted all your old pictures from your mobile to increase some space for gaming and you want to undelete those pictures? If this is the case then now you can easily recover your photos from any android mobile. You just have to install a simple application on your android device “Disk Digger Photo Recovery” and then you can scan your internal storage or even your SD card i.e. memory card.

This photo recovery application will scan the files which are recoverable. You can change the settings to show the minimum file size in its search and you can also pause the search if you have found your required photos which you wanted to recover. After complete scanning, you can select all photos or multiple photos to recover and this application will recover your selected photos within no time.

There is no need to root your android device and no need to connect your device to the PC or laptop. More details and complete photo recovery procedure is mentioned in the below videos.

Check these videos and if you find these videos helpful, don’t forget to share this post on your social media profiles and if you face any problem during the Android Photo Recovery process, you can ask us for the solution using the comment section below this post.

Recover deleted photos from Android, No Root (English)

Recover deleted photos from Android, No Root (Urdu)


Why Use PC When Gaming Consoles can be Upgraded and Repaired

PS4 Repair

Are you an addict of playing video games? Do you play games on your personal computer instead of a gaming console? If yes, you should try playing games using professional gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Many gamers who play games on a PC they argue that PC can be easily upgradeable whereas you can’t upgrade a gaming console. This argument convinces many gamers and they spend a lot of money on their personal computers. But if you ask me, I would say it is a useless argument.

Just think about what will you do after installing maximum RAM and processor your PC support? You can upgrade your system for only some time and then ultimately you have to change your PC to play the latest games which require more resources as provided by your current PC. Whereas a gaming console like PS4 or an XBOX is good enough to play latest games without any need to upgrade the PS4. All the available games can be smoothly run on your existing PS4 or Xbox. And when technology upgrades and a new version of the PlayStation or Xbox arrives in the market, just sell out your old PS and buy a new one. Exactly the same you have to do with your PC as well. So why spend extra money on upgrading when you have to sell it to get a latest one?

Can I get PS4 or Xbox Repair service?

The next misconception, in this case, is that you can easily get your PC repaired whereas a gaming console is not repairable. This is also not true. Yes, it is difficult to find a PS4 repair shop in your local area but it is not impossible to find an expert who can repair PS4 or Xbox easily. It is a fact that like PC parts, it is difficult to find the PS4 or Xbox parts as Sony doesn’t provide the PS4 parts to third parties in the market.

The best way to get PS4 repair service is to contact an official Sony center around you which can be easily found and you will get 100% genuine and brand new parts if required. But if you feel that it is costly to get your PS4 repaired from Sony center, then you can find any online cheap PS4 repair service and can contact them using the contact form or the phone number provided on the contact us page.

Different types of PS4 repair services are available online as if your PS4 is not reading the disk, it is freezing, HDMI port replacement, HDMI port cable issues, controller problems, power problem or any other type of problem which your PS4 has, it can be easily repaired using a good and professional online PS4 repair service.

So, when you don’t need to upgrade the gaming console and can buy a new one by selling your old console and then you can also get the PS4 repair or Xbox repair service easily, then why should you play video games on a PC? You should use the professional gaming consoles which are specially built for the ultimate gaming experience.

What is Product Design and Importance of Design Technology


When we talk about the product design, not only the product design comes into play but also the characters which are going to revolve around it. By character here I am trying to implement the importance of the people who are going to develop, design and use the product. Product designing is not about thinking the idea and creating it. This is a full book that needs careful modeling of thoughts and implementation.

Consider a product designing is a solution to the problem. When we are going to design a product first we are going to research about the need of a new product. After the research we would have some kind of the solution to the problem by testing the solution again we would reach a more definitive solution. When finally it is confirmed again and again. The product design can be used to be implemented. 3D design technology is the best way to get full advantage of product designing process.

What are major reasons to design a new Product?

A new product always gives a sense of attraction towards the company to company clients. A new change would definitely impact the company sales. The development is always necessary for the company for growth and its prosperity. Big names are impacting the market by updating their previous models.

What is Product Designer for?

A company CEO is a person which thinks for new ideas. These ideas might revolve around for the product they are already developing or a new model of the previous generation. A CEO idea always present a solution to the problem their product is facing, it is the product designer who will find flaws in the solution through the existing user data. He or she will analyze the previous records and improve the CEO idea by adding their input. The product designer will move the idea around the company so that many people would give their input and designer should also keep in mind the design technology their company.

This will test both the CEO idea and improvements of product designer on the idea by the people who have relative knowledge. After gathering enough data Product designer will get it through the implementation and testing. When this phase has passed designer would sketch a plan for the product about how to plan and move forward with the release dates and build quality. The product designer will make sure that developers are fully supported by their ideas. The product designer also consults the marketing team. Mostly when a product launches marketing team always start on a story no matter the product genre.

This story is given by the product designer to the marketing team. This not only ensures that both the product and the company marketing is on the same track. This is a reason that a product designer is essential for the company.

What is Product Design and Its Importance For Your Business

Have you ever noticed that there is an abrupt change in the demand for laptops as compared to personal computers? If you go back about 10 years, you could see computer markets full of personal computers with different designs and accessories and people love to use the latest computers. But then suddenly market experiences a shift of users from personal computers to laptops. Users showed a keen interest in using laptops and they started avoiding personal computers. The main reason behind this shift was “Product Design” or we can say “a better product design”.

Anything you can do with a laptop is possible with the personal computer but its the ease of use which matters. Product design is actually a way to arrange different features and all the benefits of that particular product and then presenting the product to customers. The better the product design is, the greater will be the customer’s response towards that product. It was just the product design that gives laptop industry a boom when same features are presented to the customer in a product which was easy to carry and also very much affordable for middle class users.

Same was the case with Sony Walkman which was the hit from Sony. From heavy tape recorders to a small handy walkman was the success due to a new creative product design. Apple also presented their iPhone with touch screen facility was a new and better design. The features of the first iPhone were almost same as that of a traditional cell phone at that time. Anything you could do with the iPhone was possible in traditional phones. But the facility to use the phone with a bigger screen without a keypad was an innovation which gives success to iPhone and then every company adopted that product design.

Remember there is always a limit to provide different features to customers. One can’t come up with a unique feature which others don’t have so you can’t beat your competitor with only improving your features. But with a slight change in your product design can boost your business a lot if your design convinces the potential customers that this is the design they were looking for and it was never available in the market before. Your product design can boost your product’s sale even if it has fewer features but still a creative product design will give an edge over your competitors.

Not only in mobiles and electronics, product design is key to success in every field of life from medical to automobiles. In medical, a small example, digital BP apparatus replaces the traditional bulky Mercury BP apparatus just because of a better product design. While in autos, users gave great importance to cars which have unique product design.

Share Your Success Story Using WordPress Cool Timeline Plugin


Just like other people, I also wanted to share my success story with others. The main purpose of sharing a success story for anyone is to motivate others for hard and consistent work and to stick with your initial plan which is to achieve your final goal. When I decided to share my story with the beginners, my aim was to encourage them not to lose hope and always hope for the best. Basically, I am a professional blogger and I have faced many ups and downs in my blogging career. I have found few newbies on my blog complaining that they tried their best but they are not getting the desired outcome.

After reading such comments, I decided to share my success story just to tell them how I faced different problems and how I started my work many times from level zero because of various failures. I knew that people don’t have much time to spend their precious time in reading my long story which has many ups and downs. So I decided to share that story in an attractive way. I decided to share my story in a timeline format rather than in a blog post format. The advantage of sharing anything in a timeline is that you need to only mention the main points and you can share pictures to describe your point of view for different occasions.

The idea of sharing my success story in a timeline came into my mind when I saw a website owner who shared the story of Steve Jobs in a cool timeline which attracts me and I learn many things about Steve in just 2 minutes which could take up to 10 minutes if I read an article written on the life of Steve.

With that inspiration, I used a WordPress timeline plugin on my website and I divided my success story into 15 to 20 different parts. Each part describes an important happening in my life or my struggle to become a successful blogger. Cool Timeline was the plugin which I used to describe the ups and downs of my career and I was happy that I describe each and everything in just a few headlines and sentences. It took me only a few minutes to create the timeline which includes a heading to describe the importance of that event, a short description to describe that event and an infographic to say a thousand words in just one picture.

I tried different color schemes for my timeline and finally, I decided to use the multicolor timeline for this WordPress timeline plugin. With this color scheme, my story timeline was attractive and many newbies told me that they have learned a lot from my success story and they get motivation and started their work again with a mission and clear plan.

My 3 years success story was described within 20 points in such a way that many new bloggers knew my 3 years efforts in just a few minutes and they decided to keep doing hard work so that they can become successful in their life.

Thanks to Cool Timeline Pro plugin which provided me this amazing opportunity that I shared my story and the best part was my visitors found it interesting the way I use to tell them the story. Now, I am planning to share my school life events with my old schoolmates using same WordPress timeline plugin so that my old friends can recall the sweet memories of all the events and years we spent together.

Setup Your Online Facebook Store and Start Selling Products

facebook online store

Facebook is the world’s largest website after Google and YouTube. It is the largest social media website worldwide and has billions of active users. There are millions of peoples and sellers who are using Facebook as their online store and they are successfully selling their products without getting any hosting or domain name. The best thing about using Facebook as the online store is that you don’t have to do any coding, any designing, even you shouldn’t worry about the expiry of your hosting account or the domain name.

So when you are getting a chance to set up your online store for “FREE” then there is not a single reason that you drop this great option especially when you have billions of users are using that platform. Here are the few tips which can boost your sales in no time.

Create A Professional Business Page

The first and the most important thing is that your business page or simply we can say Facebook page should be very professional. It should have your local address, your contact number that should be active and people can contact you using that number. Usually, customers like to talk with the seller on the mobile phone to earn the trust. You should have your email listed on your page as well. Mention the store open and close timing for every day as well so that buyers should know when they should contact you and at what time they should expect a response from you.

Use a custom designed cover photo especially for your own business that should have your logo design, business name and pictures of your own products. Same goes for the display picture of your page as well. You shouldn’t use the images by downloading from Google searches.

List All Your Products With HD Images

All your product images should show minor details of your products so that when potential buyers want to see the picture by zooming it to have a closer look, they can see a good quality image. Capture the image of your product with a professional camera and it is better to use a watermark somewhere on the image to protect your work.

Offer Relatively Lower Prices To Start

To start your online store, offer slightly lower price to compete with your competitors. It shouldn’t be too low otherwise buyers will think this is a low-quality product. So offer a good price in which you can earn a small profit but a slightly lower price than your competitors.

Higher A Social Media Marketer To Promote Your Online Store

Once you have set up a good online store, it is better to higher a social media expert who can promote your store on different social media platforms. The expert you higher should be responsible to bring the targeted audience to your page and they should start following your business page to provide you more reach.

Though you can promote your Facebook page yourself by using Facebook’s paid promotion or boosting post option but it is recommended to hire an expert for this work. Still, if you want to do it yourself, then here you can find some good social media marketing tips for online marketers which could be useful for you and you should take full advantage of these useful tips.

Update Your Business Page Regularly

You should update your business page or online store regularly. If some products are out of stock you should remove those products from the store and when you get new products in your store, you should update your online store immediately. Keep updating the prices as well and try to engage your page followers by posting some interesting and informative content.

Just keep in mind these few tips and you will be overjoyed by the orders you get from the online store.

Play Lords and Knights Using Best Robot To Win Games

Lords and Knights 5

Playing and winning video games now is not just an art of using the joystick and its different combos of tricks just like the games a few years back. Now the big games involve many players and all the players makes their own strategy and planning. MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games like Lords and Knights and many others of this kind where hundreds of players can play the game at a time and they make their own strategies.

In Lords and Knights, you can use your resources to build your own empire. You can hire your army to fight against the enemy. To play this game you should have a mind that can think practically just like a war is going to take place in reality. If you are a defensive-minded person, you will create your empire to defend it from the external attacks while if you are a person who believes in attack first planning, then you will create your empire and hire aggressive army who can take risks and can attack other empires to grow your own kingdom.

You can also create forests to make the best use of it to protect your castle. You will also collect treasure after winning battles. Managing your resources is also very important so you can exchange the resources which you have in excess with other empires just like trading for goods. So overall Lords and Knights is a practical game where a good mind with a good strategy can make his own kingdom.

Just like other games, you can find many bots for Lords and Knights as well. A bot is like a robot who can play the game by replacing a person with better planning and strategy to make it sure that opponent player will not be able to defeat. Robots also use some cheats which other players can’t use so a player playing the game with the help of a bot has an edge over others.

Lords and Knights Robot is somehow different from the bots of other games which have total control over the game and the progress. Altbot which is a robot for Lords and Knights will execute the planning timely but you still have the control of the game. So you will not lose your interest in the game and you will have the advantage of using a game bot as well that will help you in winning maximum games to make better profiles.